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Oh, hi there fellow reader!


I’m Gaby Garcia (psst look to the right) the Creator and Editor-In-Chief of Unapologetic Zine, a zine based in the beautiful tropics of the Dominican Republic.


Ever since I was young, I have had a passion for businesses, creating them at every chance I got, which I think helped me build what Unapologetic is today. With each account I created for the different businesses, I met different people, and it was amazing how creativity came in so many forms. Consequently, I knew I wanted to create something that would bring together all that talent, but also something that motivated change. This is how Unapologetic came to be.


Since day one, our goal has been to bring all creatives from the Dominican Republic together, for people to appreciate and learn all about their local talent. Aside from local talent, we also broadcast small international artists, writers, and designers, which we adore as well. On that note, this magazine is for, and by all creatives who seek to make change throughout their meaningful pieces.


With that being said, we want to leave our mark in the world, our takeoff point being the DR, reminding everyone that change is unapologetic, with hopes it inspires unapologetic reactions.


Meet the Unapologetic team:

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Sofia Ricart

Nicole Marie
Fact Checker

Alida Matos
Graphic Designer

Noemí Rodriguez

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sofia g-01.png

Sofia Guerrero
Article Writer I

Laura Naut
News Writer

Lian Perez
Article Writer II