Frequently Asked Questions

How can I submit?

You can submit 2 different ways: 1. Go to our Home Page and click on the Google Forms image under the "Submissions" banner. 2. Click on the link in bio from our Instagram (@unapologteic.zine) and click on the "SUBMIT" button. Lastly, fill out the form, and the Unapologetic Team will review it. • We ONLY send confirmation/rejection emails to *Issue Submissions* You'll know if your submission wasn't approved to our Instagram/Website if after a month, your work hasn't been published yet.

Are submissions open?

- Submissions for our Instagram and Website are ALWAYS OPEN. - Submissions for our Issues, are Open when announced through our Instagram (usually in summer and winter vacation)

Have any more questions?

Please don't hesitate in contacting us through our E-mail (unapologeticzine@gmail.com) or Instagram DM's @unapologetic.zine!

Which pieces can I submit?

- Poems - Essays - Texts - Original Lyrics - Graphic Design - Illustrations - Paintings • Any Form of Art!!!

I'm interested in starting a zine for a school/personal project, which tips would you give us?

1. Do Your Research! - Which audiences do you want to appeal to? Are there other zines with the same name as mine? Which resources do I need in order to succeed? How can I promote my work so that more people know me? 2. Engage with your audience! - Use social media resources to the max! Instagram's algorithm changes quite frequently, so it is crucial to learn how it works in order for you to reach more people with this platform. - Use all sources provided like Guides, Reels, Stories, Posts, and IGTV's, it's there for a reason! - Tiktok is a great way to promote your work too! Going viral is not that hard if you post frequently, and future readers/collaboratos are using that app! 3. Start Building Up! - After reaching an audience, it is easier for you to open team applications, or submissions, don't rush it... 4. Be Constant! - If you aren't constant enough (posting 2-3 times a week) your audience will start disengaging with your page, making social media platforms, like Instagram and/or Tiktok, not show your content to enough people, resulting in less costumers/collaborators/submissions.